Data Analytics and Information Visualization Program Area

Analytics and Visualization encompass data management, information retrieval, knowledge analysis, and conceptual understanding in the context of large-scale organizational systems. This Area will support technology-driven applications-oriented students in data mining, information retrieval, machine learning, information visualization, human-computer interaction, intelligent discovery environments, intelligent analysis systems, computational statistics, business analytics, and social and behavioral analytics.


Data Analytics and Information Visualization faculty

Area Lead: Douglas Simpson (Statistics)
Faculty: If you would like to affiliate with I3 and appear on this list, please contact Karin Readel.

College of ACES
Animal Sciences Bryan White
Crop Sciences Alexander Lipka
College of Education
Curriculum and Instruction Robb Lindgren, Luc Paquette
College of Engineering
Bioengineering Paul Jensen
Civil & Environmental Engineering Barbara Minsker, Mani Golparvar Fard, Arthur Schmidt
Computer Science David ForsythKarrie KarahaliosJulia HockenmaierDan RothParis Smaragdis, Tao XieYizhou Yu, Svetlana Lazebnik, Chengxiang Zhai, Kevin Chang
Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering Zahra Mohaghegh
College of Fine and Applied Arts (FAA)
Art & Design Ben Grosser
Landscape Architecture Brian Deal
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS)
Astronomy Robert Brunner
Math George Francis
Plant Biology Surangi Punyasena, Amy Marshall-Colon
Statistics Yuguo Chen , Jeff DouglasDouglas Simpson, Bo Li, Xiaohui Chen, Dave Zhao, Steven CulpepperStéphane Guerrier, Naveen Narisetty
College of Medicine
Medical Information Science Bruce Schatz
School of Information Sciences
Library & Information Science Catherine BlakeDave DubinMiles EfronVetle TorvikMichael Twidale, Daniel Katz

Recommended Data Analytics and Information Visualization courses

Data Analytics and Information Visualization Applications Courses

Courses marked with an Asterisk (*) will be offered in FA2016

*CS 548 Models of Cognitive Processes
*EPSY 587 Hierarchical Linear Models
*ECE 537 Speech Processing Fundamentals
IE 510 Applied Nonlinear Programming
IE 511 Integer Programming
IE 512 Network Analysis of Systems
LIS 526 Searching Online Information Systems
*PS 530 Quantitative Political Analysis I
*PS 531 Quantitative Political AnalysisII
PSYC 509 Psychological Scaling Multidimensional Methods

Data Analytics and Information Visualization Foundations Courses

CS 511 Advanced Database Systems
CS 512 Data Mining Principles
*CS 519 Scientific Visualization
CS 546 Machine Learning in NLP
CS 565 Human-Computer Interaction
ECE 513 Vector Space Signal Processing
ECE 549 Computer Vision
ECE 558 Digital Imaging
*ECE 580 Optimization by Vector Space Methods
LIS 542 Data, Stat and Info
PSYC 588 Covariant Structures and Factor Models
*STAT 510 Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 525 Computational Statistics
*STAT 542 Statistical Learning
*STAT 571 Multivariate Analysis
*STAT 578 Topics in Statistics