Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee (consisting of at least 4 Informatics faculty affiliates) supervises the student during the first half of studies and approves their program of study. They will also preside over the Qualifying Exam.

Dissertation Committee

As per Graduate College Rules the Dissertation Committee must include a minimum of four voting members, at least three of whom are members of the Graduate faculty, and at least 2 of whom are tenured (at the Univ. of Illinois, Urbana campus). All members of the committee must either be Informatics faculty affiliates, or, in the case of an off-campus committee member, must have an Informatics research focus. The four must cover all aspects of the dissertation, including both the Applications and Foundations areas. Due to the applied nature of informatics, a fifth member external to the University is highly encouraged, such as an industrial researcher. The membership may overlap with the Advisory Committee.