Students are required to take three core courses: INFO 102, CS 105 and INFO 202, all of which count as General Education (GenEd) courses. In addition, students must complete 9 hours of upper-level informatics-related coursework (300-level or above). Most courses emphasize Data, Society, or Expression. Each course must be approved by the Minor.


  • Courses may be taken in any order.
  • Students are encouraged to take INFO 102 and 202 as soon as possible because there are no substitutions for these courses. Some substitutions are allowed for CS 105 (substitutions include CS 101 and CS 125).
  • ECE, CS, IS/IT majors and CS minors have slightly different requirements. For those, see ECE and CS and IS/IT.
  • To help you plan your schedule, check out this scheduling tool: Scheedule
Core Courses INFO course descriptions
INFO 102

Broad introduction to computer science

Spring ONLY!!
Quant Reasoning I  Gen Ed

4 hours
CS 105

(Can also substitute CS 101, CS 125, or the two course sequence of ECE 120 & ECE 220)

Introduction to Computing – Non Tech
Quant Reasoning I  Gen Ed
3 hours
INFO 202

Social aspects of Information Technology 
Social Sciences Gen Ed
3 hours
3 Upper-level courses List of upper-level courses
Must be 300-level or higher Must have significant informatics/computational content and be approved by the Minor At least 9 hours (3 courses)