This list is not exhaustive, and it constantly changes. To appear on this list, the course must meet these criteria. If you see a course that you think should be on this list, please contact the Informatics Advisor. Candidate courses for inclusion will be considered on an individual basis. Very few 500-level courses are listed here because they are usually for graduate students only. However, sometimes undergrads can take them with special permission.

Most courses emphasize Data, Society, or Expression: D denotes Data, S denotes Society, and E denotes Expression. They are marked that way to make the list easier to go through.You can take any of the courses on this list as long as you earn 9 total credits. You do not have to take one from each category, nor do you have to take all from the same category.

Bold course titles have been newly added.

ACE 360 Spreadsheet models and applications D  (note that this is only a 2 credit hour course)
ADV 400 Special problems (depends on section) S E 
Approved topics include: Advertising and New Media; Emerging Media; Public Relations in the Digital Age; Advertising Design Techniques
ADV 409 Media Entrepreneurship D
ADV 490 Special topics in advertising (depends on section) S E 
Approved topics include: Digital public relations; Advertising and digital media; Emerging media; Digital advertising; Media Entrepreneurship; Digital Advertising Content, Technologies, and Concepts; Social Media Analytics
AE 410 Computational Aerodynamics
AE 483 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Navigation and Control D
AGCM 315 Emerging Media S
ANSC 448 Mathematical modeling in life sciences D
ANSC 542 Applied bioinformatics D
ANTH 372 Topics in Lang and Culture (depends on section)
Approved topics include: Social Media and Digital Communication S
ANTH 407 GIS for anthropologists D
ANTH 499 Topics in Anthropology (depends on section)
Approved topics include: GIS for anthropologists D
ARTD 415 Ninth Letter E
ARTD 499 Special topics in art & design (depends on section) S E 
Approved topics include: Advanced Digital Interaction; Sustainable Life Cycle Design & Research I
ARTS 340 The art of 3D imaging E
ARTS 341 Image practice E
ARTS 343 Time arts I E
ARTS 344 Interactivity I E
ARTS 443 Time arts II E
ARTS 444 Interactivity II E
ARTS 445 Special Topics in New Media (depends on section) E
Approved topics include: Net Art
ARTS 499 Special topics in Studio Art (depends on section) E
Approved topics include: Makerspace
ASTR 496 Seminar in Astronomy (depends on section) D
Approved topics include: Practical Informatics for the Physical Sciences; Foundations of Data Science
ATMS 305 Computing and data analysis D
ATMS 421 Earth systems modeling D
BADM 350 IT for networked organizations D
BADM 351 E-Business management D
BADM 352 Database design and management D
BADM 353 Information systems analysis and design D
BADM 354 Management of data communications D
BADM 374 Management decision models D
BADM 453 Decision support systems D
BADM 454 Enterprise computing management D
BADM 458 IT governance S
CHBE 571 Bioinformatics D
CHLH 421 Health data analysis D
CHLH 474 Principles of Epidemiology D
CHP 395 Interdisciplinary seminar (depends on section) S
CI 424 Child Development and Technology S
CI 437 Educational Game Design S
CI 438 Computer Programming in the Classroom S
CI 482 Social Learning & Multimedia  S
CI 489 DELTA Capstone Project S
CI 499 Issues and Development in Education (depends on section) S
Approved topics include Educational Game Design; Attention, Learning and Technology, Critiques of Educational Technology
CMN 338 Relationships and Technologies S
CMN 396 Special topics in communications (depends on section) S
CMN 410 Workplace Comm Technology S
CMN 496 Adv topics in communications (depends on section) S
Approved topics include: Play and Technology; Social Networks; New Media and Identity; Video Games: Content, Industry, and Policy; Virtual Communities; Service Learning in Technology and Policy; Internet Law and Policy; History of US Telecommunications, Health & Technology; Communication Technology and Altruism, Introduction to Communication Analytics
CPSC 565 Perl and Unix for bioinformatics D
CS 410 Text information systems D
CS 411 Database systems D
CS 412 Introduction to data mining D
CS 417 Computer aided instruction D
CS 418 Interactive computer graphics D E
CS 419 Production computer graphics D E
CS 440 Intro to artificial intelligence D
CS 446 Machine learning D
CS 461 Computer security I D
CS 463 Computer security II D
CS 465 User interface design D
CS 466 Introduction to bioinformatics D
CS 467 Social visualization D
CS 498 Special topics (depends on section) D E
Approved topics include: Social Visualization; Social Computing; Principles of User Interface Design, Implementation, and Evaluation; Computational Photography; Socio-Computer Interaction; Health Informatics, Digital Forensics, Virtual Reality, Introduction to Data Science, Social Info Networks
DANC 451 Independent Study & Special Topics (depends on section) E
Approved topics include: Dance Technology
DANC 532 Digital media for dancers E
ECE 402 Electronic music synthesis D E
ECE 498 Special topics in ECE (depends on section) D 
Approved topics include: Extending Mobile Computing Through Cloud Computing
ECON 490 Topics in Economics (depends on section) D 
Approved topics include: Economic Forecasting
ENGL 380 Special topics in ENGL (depends on section) S E
Approved topics include: Writing in a digital world
ENGL 396 Honors Seminar I (depends on section) S E
Approved topics include: Old and New Media
ENGL 461 Topics in Literature (depends on section) S E
Approved topics include: Old and New Media
ENGL 482 Writing technologies E
EPS 415 Technology & Educational Reform S
EPSY 457 Teachers and Tech Integration S
EPSY 474 Evaluating Learning Technology S
EPSY 490 Developments in Educ Psyc (depends on section) S

Approved topics include: Learning in Everyday Contexts

EPSY 590 Advanced Seminar in Ed Psyc (depends on section) S
Approved topics include: Engaging Educational Technologies; Mobile Apps for Teaching, Learning, and Educational Research
FIN 418 Financial modeling D
GEOG 379 Introduction to GIS D
GEOG 380 GIS II: Spatial Problem Solving D
GEOG 390 Individual Study (depends on section) S 
Approved topics include: GIS and Society
GEOG 412 Geospatial Technology and Society S D
GEOG 460 Analysis and interpretation of aerial photography D
GEOG 468 Biological modeling D
GEOG 469 Spatial ecosystem modeling D
GEOG 476 Applied GIS to environmental studies D
GEOG 479 Advanced GIS D
GEOG 480 Principles of Geographic Information Systems D
GEOG 489 Programming for GIS D
HRD 412 Instructional Techniques S
HRD 472 Learning technologies S
IB 364 Bioinformatics & Human Genome D
IB 473 Plant genomics D
IB 487 Mathematical modeling in life sciences D
IB 493 Statistical Ecology D
INFO 303 Writing Across Media  (Adv Comp Gen Ed) S
INFO 310 Computing in the humanities S
INFO 325 Social Media and Global Change (same as EPS 325, AFST 325, ASST 325, EURO 325, LAST 325, REES 325, and SAME 325.) S
INFO 326 New Media, culture, and society (same as MACS 326) S
INFO 345 Digital and Gender Cultures (same as GWS 345/ MACS 345/ SOC 345) S
INFO 390 Special topics (all sections count towards the minor) S
INFO 399 Individual study D S E
INFO 403 Game design: Creating virtual worlds D E
INFO 490 Special topics (all sections count toward the minor) D S E
INFO 491 Undergraduate Bioinformatics Seminar (0-2 credits) D
IS 310 Computing in the humanities S
IS 351 Design of usable information interfaces S
IS 390 Special topics in info studies (the following sections are offered regularly and count towards the minor) S
IS 390CC Computers and culture
IS 390RGI Race, gender and information technology
IS 390W1A Web technologies and techniques
IS 451 Introduction to network systems D S
IS 456 Information storage and retrieval D
IS 457 Introduction to Data Science D
IS 462 Information Assurance S
IS 490 Advanced topics in info studies (the following sections are offered regularly and count towards the minor) S
IS 490DB Introduction to databases
IS 490EG e-Government
IS 490GHU Global Health Informatics
IS 490IL Informal Learning Spaces and Pedagogies
IS 490ITU Entrepreneurial IT design
IS 490MU Museum informatics
IS 490ST Community informatics studio
IS 490WP Programming Web mashups
JOUR 410 Multimedia reporting S
JOUR 425 Multimedia Editing and Design S
JOUR 460 Special topics (depends on section) S
Approved topics include:NASA Space Grant
JOUR 480 Advanced reporting topics (depends on section) S
Approved topics include: Digital Newsroom Practicum; Digital Reporting
KIN 494 Technology-Driven Health Behavior Change Interventions S
LING 402 Tools and techniques for speech and language processing D
LING 406 Introduction to computational linguistics D
LING 490 Special Topics in Linguistics (depends on section) D
Approved topics include: Intro to Corpus Linguistics
LING 506 Topics in computational linguistics D
MACS 326 New Media, culture, and society S
MACS 395 Special media/cinema topics (depends on section) S
Approved topics include: Digital Games; Planet Google; Contemporary Cinema (taught in SP2013), Media/Info Ethics & Global Culture
MACS 410 Media Ethics
MACS 496 Advanced media/cinema topics (depends on section) S
Approved topics include: Digital Cinema; Techno-Scientific Networks
MCB 317 Genetics and genomics D formerly MCB 405
MCB 419 Brain, behavior and information processing D
MCB 432 Computing in molecular biology D
MCB 493 Special topics (depends on section) D 
Approved topics include: Making and using phylogenetic trees, Neural systems modeling
MCB 519 Computational brain theory D
ME 451 Computer-aided manufacturing systems D
MSE 498 Special Topics (depends on section) D
Approved topics include: Computational Materials Science & Engineering
MUS 404 Contemp composition techniques (depends on section) E 
Approved topics include: MAXMSP: Interactive Music for Performers and Composers; Algorithmic Design of Music; Engineering the Arts
MUS 424 Musical informatics E
MUS 448 Computer music E
MUS 499 Special topics (depends on section) E 
Approved topics include: Project-Oriented Computer Music (SP2014)
MUS 503 Computer-assisted composition E
NEUR 591 Computational brain theory D
NPRE 461 Probabilistic Risk Assessment D
NPRE 498 Special topics (depends on section) D
Approved topics include: Advanced Risk Analysis
NRES 454 GIS in Natural Resource Management D
PATH 439 Health applications of GIS D
PHIL 380 Current controversies (depends on section) S 
Approved topics include: Philosophy and Intelligence: Minds, Brains and Computers
PS 300 Special Topics (depends on section) D
Approved topics include: Big Data, Math and Politics
PSYC 358 Human factors D
SOC 350 Technology and society S
SOC 396 Special topics in sociology (depends on section) S
Approved topics include: Population Informatics Perspectives on Immigration and Race in Illinois, Cyberspace and Social Relations
SOC 485 Intermediate Social Statistics D
SOC 496 Advanced special topics in sociology (depends on section) S
Approved topics include: Sex, Drugs, and Data; Globalization and Health
STAT 385 Statistics Programming Methods D
STAT 420 Methods of applied statistics D
STAT 428 Statistical computing D
STAT 440 Statistical data management D
STAT 448 Advanced data analysis D
STAT 458 Mathematical modeling in life sciences D
TAM 470 Computational mechanics D
THEA 437 Software for lighting design E
UP 316 Urban Informatics II D
UP 418 GIS for planners D
UP 519 Advanced applications of GIS D