Art and Cultural Informatics

Art and Cultural Informatics is an area of informatics dealing with information as medium and content for art production, experience, and dissemination.

The Informatics PhD, with an Art and Cultural Informatics Area, addresses these needs explicitly in its design: it makes technological knowledge (theoretical and practical) an intrinsic part of the curriculum; it draws on a wide base of disciplinary courses to establish interdisciplinary breadth; it emphasizes innovative interdisciplinary, collaborative research aimed specifically at meeting the challenges of creating art in collaborative, interdisciplinary, technologically enabled settings.

Cultural Informatics is a broad term encompassing all areas in which the application of new information technologies will and might impact human culture: we see it playing an increasingly central role in culture production, experience, dissemination, and comprehension. It is inherently boundary breaking, fundamentally inter- multi- and trans-disciplinary. Informatics, broadly speaking, is impacting all branches of knowledge, all human exploration, experience, and understandings of the world.

“Cultural Informatics” is that part of informatics that emphasizes understanding of the human world, that which is made or influenced by humanity: from history, social science, cultural studies, to written, visual, sonic, and kinetic communication, technology is transforming all aspects of human endeavor, all culture, all societies and communities.

The Arts are an important part of Cultural Informatics. New technology and associated new modes of creative cultural expression and communication will radically transform the arts of the 21st Century. The impact of new technologies will be felt in four key areas: it will change the practice, the experience, and the dissemination of the arts, and through these it will change the role of the arts in culture and society.


Area LeadsFaculty AffiliatesPhD Students
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Name Email Department

John Stallmeyer Architecture

Thérèse Tierney Architecture

Ben Grosser Art & Design

Stan Ruecker Art & Design

Karrie Karahalios Computer Science

Paris Smaragdis Computer Science

Mark Dressman Curriculum & Instruction

Robb Lindgren Curriculum & Instruction

John Toenjes Dance

Eboni Zamani-Gallaher Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

John Randolph History

Deana McDonagh Industrial Design

Anita Chan iSchool

Bonnie Mak iSchool

Emily Knox iSchool

J. Stephen Downie iSchool

Jerome McDonough iSchool

Jodi Schneider iSchool

Judith Pintar iSchool

Karen Wickett iSchool

Kate McDowell iSchool

Kathryn LaBarre iSchool

Kyungwon Koh iSchool

Lori Kendall iSchool

Madelyn Sanfilippo iSchool

Martin Wolske iSchool

Melissa Ocepek iSchool

Michael Twidale iSchool

Christopher Ball Journalism

Citlali Lopez-Ortiz Kinesiology & Community Health

Eli Fieldsteel Music

Heinrich Taube Music

Stephen Taylor Music

Donna Cox NCSA
Name Email Area

Mohammad Amanzadeh Art and Cultural Informatics

Tooba Imtiyaz Art and Cultural Informatics
Design, Technology and Society

Ryan Ingebritsen Art and Cultural Informatics
Design, Technology and Society

Colter Wehmeier Art and Cultural Informatics


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