Cognitive Science and Language Processing Program Area

Cognitive Science and Language Processing is a multidisciplinary program for students with an interest in computational approaches to intelligence. Cognitive science is the study of mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and linguistics. The central hypothesis of cognitive science assumes that the mind has mental representations analogous to computer data structures, and computational procedures similar to computer algorithms. Cognitive theorists have proposed that the mind contains such mental representations as logical propositions, rules, concepts, images, and analogies, and that it uses mental procedures such as deduction, search, matching, rotating, and retrieval. Our program also includes the inverse direction, using human cognition to improve computer processing within speech and language understanding systems.


Cognitive Science and Language Processing faculty

Area Lead: John Hummel (Psychology)
Faculty: If you would like to affiliate with I3 and appear on this list, please contact Karin Readel.

College of Education
Curriculum and Instruction  Emma Mercier
Educational Psychology  Dan Morrow
College of Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Computer Science Dan RothJulia HockenmaierDavid Forsyth, Alex Kirlik, Chengxiang Zhai, Kevin Chang
College of Fine and Applied Arts (FAA)
Art & Design Ben Grosser
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS)
Linguistics Roxana GirjuChilin Shih
Psychology Gary DellJohn HummelArt KramerDaniel Simons, Dolores Albarracin, Cynthia Fisher
School of Information Sciences
Library & Information Science Catherine BlakeJana DiesnerLes Gasser

Recommended Cognitive Science and Language Processing courses

Cognitive Science and Language Processing Applications Courses

LING 501 Syntax I
LING 502 Phonology I
LING 506 Topics in Computational Linguistics
LING 507 Formal Semantics I
LING 520 Acoustic Phonetics
LING 591 Natural Language Semantics
IS 590 Self Organizing Information Systems
ECE 598 AL The Speech Chain
ECE 598 NA Pattern Recognition

Cognitive Science and Language Processing Foundations Courses

CS 546 Machine Learning in NLP
ECE 537 Fundamentals of Speech Processing and Recognition
ECE 593 Information Theory
ECE 594 Mathematical Models of Language
IS 542 Data, Stat and Info
IS 556 Implementation of Information Storage and Retrieval
IS 590 IRR Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing
IS 590 RC Research Methods for Text Corpora
PSYC 514 Cognitive Science
PSYC 593 Connectionist Models in Psychology
PSYC 593 Models of Language Production and Speech Errors