Design, Technology, and Society Program Area

Students in the Design, Technology, and Society Area investigate the interrelationship between information technology and social, political, and cultural processes and values. This includes both the analysis of the larger consequences of informatics systems and the criticism, design, and re-design of systems to address public needs and problems. Research may involve design processes, human communication and interaction, the larger contexts of these systems (such as the legal, economic, cultural, educational, or other contexts) and the repercussions of any of these topics. This program area will support students interested in pursuing informatics research from the intellectual traditions and methods of either the social sciences or the humanities, as well as the domains of community informatics and social informatics.


Design, Technology, and Society faculty

Area Lead: Karrie Karahalios Faculty: If you would like to affiliate with I3 and appear on this list, please contact Karin Readel.

School of Architecture
Architecture Thérèse Tierney
College of Applied Health Sciences
Kinesiology & Community Health Wendy Rogers, Citlali Lopez-Ortiz
College of Education
Curriculum and Instruction Robb Lindgren, Mark Dressman, Emma Mercier
Special Education Maya Israel
College of Engineering
Computer Science Karrie Karahalios, Tao Xie, Alex Kirlik
Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering Zahra Mohaghegh
College of Fine and Applied Arts (FAA)
Art & Design Kevin HamiltonRyan Griffis, Ben Grosser, Stan Ruecker
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences   (LAS)
Communication M. Scott Poole, Sally Jackson
English Spencer Schaffner
Geography and Geographic Information Science Mei-Po Kwan
Political Science Scott Althaus
Slavic Languages and Literatures Judith Pintar
College of Media
Advertising Patrick Vargas
Media and Cinema Studies Anita Chan
College of Law
Law Jay Kesan
School of Information Sciences
Library & Information Science Catherine BlakeNicole CookeJana Diesner, Jon GantLes GasserChristine JenkinsLori KendallEmily KnoxKathryn La BarreBonnie MakJerome McDonough, Kate McDowellLinda SmithCarol TilleyMichael TwidaleTerry WeechKate Williams

Recommended Design, Technology, and Society courses

Design, Technology, and Society Applications Courses

Courses marked with an Asterisk (*) will be offered in SP2015

CMN 529 SP Theory and Research on Collaboration Technologies
CMN 529 CS Communication Technologies
MDIA 590 New Media Theory
LIS 549 The Economics of Information
LIS 590 SD Digital Social Sciences
LIS 590 DH Digital Humanities
LIS 590 C1/C2 Community Informatics Research and Theory
LIS 590 CMC Computer Mediated Communication
LIS 590 CWC Computer Supported Cooperative Work
LIS 590 DK Distributed Knowledge
LIS 590 EL E-Learning: Social and Technical Issues in E-learning

Design, Technology, and Society Foundations Courses

CMN 529 MS Social Network Analysis
CMN 529 CS Unorthodox Research Methods
LIS 542 Data, Stat and Info
CS 598 KGK Social Computing
LIS 590 MD Metadata in Theory and Practice
LIS 590 IML Information Modeling
LIS 590 DEL Design of Digitally Mediated Information Services
LIS 590 IN Information Networks
LIS 590 IS Information in Society
LIS 590 OI Organizations, Information & Technology
LIS 590 SN Social Networks and Information
PS 519 SA Content Analysis