INFO 390PVT · Privacy and Technology

3 credit hours
Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Meets with LIS 390PVT.

This course prepares students to recognize, analyze, and manage privacy challenges created by technology from a sociotechnical perspective.

We will review prominent theories of privacy, contemporary privacy policy, privacy law, and privacy as a social, legal, and economical value.

The course will identify both privacy-defeating and privacy-enhancing technologies, and consider how legal regimes and policy choices as well as technological design can mitigate or heighten the risk of unwanted information disclosure.

We will consider privacy implications of:

  • automated electrical and transportation systems,
  • medical records,
  • online behavior,
  • biometrics,
  • big data,
  • cloud computing,
  • workplace monitoring, and
  • law enforcement and national security access.


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