Our Vision and Philosophy

In 2006 the Campus Strategic Plan charged Illinois Informatics to

“focus on emerging applications areas in the natural sciences, the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts, and on decision support in areas such as business processes and disaster response. We will extend the synergy between humans and computers, and provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary interaction both on our campus and around the world. We will create new degree and certificate programs that will accelerate the integration of IT into all curricula on campus and produce the next generation of leaders in the IT revolution.”

Illinois Informatics brings together faculty and senior researchers as well as graduate students and industry partners to conduct research in informatics.

Illinois Informatics welcomes collaborations with industrial and other organizations.

Illinois Informatics welcomes faculty proposals for new informatics-related courses to be offered under Illinois Informatics or their own units, and research projects.

Illinois Informatics is…

…a nimble, virtual organization devoted to informatics at the University of Illinois. Illinois Informatics supports informatics-related research and education programs across campus by
  • encouraging multi-disciplinary research projects that involve applications of computing and information in science, arts and humanities
  • supporting cluster hires in informatics areas
  • managing existing informatics education programs and developing new ones
  • helping with curricular innovations in informatics
  • sponsoring the development of computing and information technologies in support of university research, education and social engagement.

Illinois Informatics aspires to…

  • integrate informatics into our campus fabric and infect all units on campus with the Internet culture pilot the usage of information technology on our campus to break boundaries between units, between disciplines, and between research, education and social engagement
  • build bridges between communities north and south of Green Street provide a focal point for faculty across campus that are interested in applications of informatics
  • facilitate the sharing of tools and ideas
  • promote the establishment of new collaborations promote a new, flexible organization model of a virtual academic organization with an integrated research and education mission that spans the entire campus

Illinois Informatics' research themes include…

  • cognitive, social, legal, and economic impacts of information systems
  • technologies to implement artificial information systems that enhance our cognitive abilities as individuals and as social groups
  • development and use of advanced information systems in science, engineering, arts, humanities, business, and education

Illinois Informatics' education programs include…