Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Cognitive Science and Language Processing is a multidisciplinary program for students with an interest in computational approaches to intelligence. Cognitive science is the study of mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and linguistics.

The central hypothesis of cognitive science assumes that the mind has mental representations analogous to computer data structures, and computational procedures similar to computer algorithms. Cognitive theorists have proposed that the mind contains such mental representations as logical propositions, rules, concepts, images, and analogies, and that it uses mental procedures such as deduction, search, matching, rotating, and retrieval.

Our program also includes the inverse direction, using human cognition to improve computer processing within speech and language understanding systems.


Area LeadsFaculty AffiliatesPhD Students
Name Email Department

John Hummel Psychology
Name Email Department

Ben Grosser Art & Design

Alex Kirlik Computer Science

Chengxiang Zhai Computer Science

David Forsyth Computer Science

Julia Hockenmaier Computer Science

Kevin Chang Computer Science

Emma Mercier Curriculum & Instruction

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson ECE

Dan Morrow Educational Psychology

Catherine Blake iSchool

Jana Diesner iSchool

Jodi Schneider iSchool

Les Gasser iSchool

Chilin Shih Linguistics

Roxana Girju Linguistics

Cynthia Fisher Psychology

Daniel Simons Psychology

Dolores Albarracin Psychology

Gary Dell Psychology

John Hummel Psychology