Design, Technology, and Society

Students in the Design, Technology, and Society Area investigate the interrelationship between information technology and social, political, and cultural processes and values.

This includes both the analysis of the larger consequences of informatics systems and the criticism, design, and re-design of systems to address public needs and problems. Research may involve design processes, human communication and interaction, the larger contexts of these systems (such as the legal, economic, cultural, educational, or other contexts) and the repercussions of any of these topics.

This program area supports students interested in pursuing informatics research from the intellectual traditions and methods of either the social sciences or the humanities, as well as the domains of community informatics and social informatics.


Area LeadsFaculty AffiliatesPhD Students
Name Email Department

Karrie Karahalios Computer Science
Name Email Department

Patrick Vargas Advertising

Thérèse Tierney Architecture

Ben Grosser Art & Design

M. Scott Poole Communications

Alex Kirlik Computer Science

Karrie Karahalios Computer Science

Tao Xie Computer Science

Emma Mercier Curriculum & Instruction

Mark Dressman Curriculum & Instruction

Robb Lindgren Curriculum & Instruction

Dan Morrow Educational Psychology

Spencer Schaffner English

Mei-Po Kwan Geography

Bonnie Mak iSchool

Carol Tilley iSchool

Catherine Blake iSchool

Jana Diesner iSchool

Jerome McDonough iSchool

Kate McDowell iSchool

Kate Williams iSchool

Kathryn LaBarre iSchool

Les Gasser iSchool

Linda Smith iSchool

Lori Kendall iSchool

Michael Twidale iSchool

Nicole Cooke iSchool

Terry Weech iSchool

Citlali Lopez-Ortiz Kinesiology & Community Health

Wendy Rogers Kinesiology & Community Health

Arden Rowell Law

Jay Kesan Law

Anita Chan Media & Cinema Studies

Kevin Hamilton New Media

Ryan Griffis New Media

Zahra Mohaghegh Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering

Scott Althaus Political Science

Judith Pintar Slavic Languages

Maya Israel Special Education