The Informatics Minor

Informatics studies the design, application, use and impact of information technology. A Minor in Informatics can diversify your educational portfolio and complement your major. The informatics minor signals that you have concrete expertise in computing and information technology and that you understand their human implications.

Why study Informatics?

The study of informatics will teach you to become a better creator and user of computing technology and to think critically about technology’s role in society. Perhaps no other field will have a greater influence on humanity in this century.
The Informatics advantage
Some of the subject-areas of Informatics

The Minor in Informatics

The Informatics Minor is a set of courses that prepares students to study and develop new uses for computer systems in their future endeavors. The aim is that they will become better creators and users of computing technology and will think critically about technology’s role in society.

The undergraduate Minor in Informatics was launched in Spring 2008. It now has about 175 students from 41 different majors and is one of the most popular minors on campus. About half come from the College of LAS, with substantial numbers coming from the Colleges of Media, Fine and Applied Arts, Engineering and Business.

Who should Minor in Informatics?
What can a student do with a Minor in Informatics?

Advising tracks

Special advising tracks have been designed to help students who are minoring in informatics choose courses that will best meet their interests and career goals.

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Requirements for the Minor

Students are required to take three core courses: INFO 102, CS 105 and INFO 202, all of which count as General Education (GenEd) courses. In addition, students must complete 9 hours of upper-level informatics-related coursework (300-level or above), most of which emphasize either Data, Society, or Expression. Each course must be approved for the Minor.

Core informatics courses
Upper-level informatics-related courses
ECE, CS, IS/IT majors and CS minors have slightly different requirements
Important notes

How to declare the Minor

The Informatics minor program is open to undergraduates from all colleges and majors. It complements the backgrounds of those majoring in any field, whether liberal arts and sciences, engineering, applied life sciences, or commerce. It is recommended, but not required, that you apply before the end of their sophomore year so that you will receive proper advice, and notification about new courses.

To be officially enrolled, you must:
Important notes

Meet with an advisor

If you already are an INFO minor and have some questions or are interested in declaring an INFO minor, please sign up for an advising appointment.

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