Informatics People

The Informatics community at Illinois is broad and diverse, and spans multiple disciplines — from science and engineering, to arts and humanities, to the social sciences.

Most members are listed in the tables below. For more detail, and to see how faculty and grad students are connected by research area, see the specific pages for each group:

  • Administration and support staff of I3 manage its education programs, research grants, and other institute activities.
  • Faculty affiliates are faculty members who have ties with I3 through research interests, courses offered (either graduate or undergraduate), and/or the willingness to advise Informatics PhD students.
  • Graduate students pursuing a PhD in Informatics concentrate their studies in one of seven research areas such as Bioinformatics or Spatial Informatics. Doctoral students who have recently graduated are also listed separately below, and more details can be found on the Recent PhD Graduates page.
Informatics staffAffiliated facultyGraduate studentsRecent PhD Graduates
Name Email Department

Allen Renear iSchool

Lisa Bievenue Informatics

Karin Readel Informatics

Jeff Ginger Informatics

Boris Capitanu Informatics

Loretta Auvil Informatics

Michael Haberman Informatics
Name Email Department

Robert Brunner Accountancy

Vic Anand Accountancy

Brittany Duff Advertising

Patrick Vargas Advertising

Lulu Rodriguez Agricultural Communications

Alison Bell Animal Biology (SIB)

Alfred Roca Animal Sciences

Anna Kukekova Animal Sciences

Juan Loor Animal Sciences

Sandra Rodriguez-Zas Animal Sciences

Charles Roseman Anthropology

Aaron Brakke Architecture

John Stallmeyer Architecture

Thérèse Tierney Architecture

Ben Grosser Art & Design

Stan Ruecker Art & Design

Atul Jain Atmospheric Sciences

Paul Jensen Bioengineering

Arthur Schmidt CEE

Mani Golparvar-Fard CEE

Praveen Kumar CEE

Huimin Zhao Chemistry

Martin Burke Chemistry

Gabrielle Allen College of Education

Sally Jackson Communication

M. Scott Poole Communications

Aditya Parameswaran Computer Science

Alex Kirlik Computer Science

Chengxiang Zhai Computer Science

David Forsyth Computer Science

Derek Hoiem Computer Science

Gul Agha Computer Science

Jian Peng Computer Science

Jiawei Han Computer Science

John Hart Computer Science

Julia Hockenmaier Computer Science

Karrie Karahalios Computer Science

Kevin Chang Computer Science

Paris Smaragdis Computer Science

Saurabh Sinha Computer Science

Svetlana Lazebnik Computer Science

Tao Xie Computer Science

Yizhou Yu Computer Science

Alexander Lipka Crop Sciences

Donald Bullock Crop Sciences

Gustavo Caetano-Anolles Crop Sciences

Lila Vodkin Crop Sciences

Maria B. Villamil Crop Sciences

Matthew Hudson Crop Sciences

Nicolas Martin Crop Sciences

Stephen Long Crop Sciences

Stephen Moose Crop Sciences

Steven Clough Crop Sciences

Emma Mercier Curriculum & Instruction

Luc Paquette Curriculum & Instruction

Mark Dressman Curriculum & Instruction

Robb Lindgren Curriculum & Instruction

John Toenjes Dance

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson ECE

Wen-Hao David Huang Education

Eboni Zamani-Gallaher Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

Dan Morrow Educational Psychology

H. Chad Lane Educational Psychology

Spencer Schaffner English

Gene Robinson Entomology/Institute for Genomic Biology

Hannah Holscher Food Science & Human Nutrition

Zeynep Madak-Erdogan Food Science & Human Nutrition

Margarita Teran-Garcia Food Sciences and Human Nutrition

Mei-Po Kwan Geography

Sara McLafferty Geography

Shaowen Wang Geography

Eric Benson Graphic Design

Lisa Mercer Graphic Design

John Randolph History

Victor Jongeneel IGB

Yu-Feng Lin IL State Geological Survey

Deana McDonagh Industrial Design

Jeff Ginger Informatics

Allen Renear iSchool

Bertram Ludaescher iSchool

Bonnie Mak iSchool

Carol Tilley iSchool

Catherine Blake iSchool

Christine Jenkins iSchool

David Dubin iSchool

Emily Knox iSchool

Ian Brooks iSchool

J. Stephen Downie iSchool

Jana Diesner iSchool

Jerome McDonough iSchool

Jodi Schneider iSchool

Kate McDowell iSchool

Kate Williams iSchool

Kathryn LaBarre iSchool

Les Gasser iSchool

Linda Smith iSchool

Lori Kendall iSchool

Masooda Bashir iSchool

Michael Twidale iSchool

Nicole Cooke iSchool

Peter Darch iSchool

Ted Underwood iSchool

Terry Weech iSchool

Vetle Torvik iSchool

Victoria Stodden iSchool

Matthew Turk iSchool/ NCSA

Andrew C. Phillips ISGS

Brant Houston Journalism

Citlali Lopez-Ortiz Kinesiology & Community Health

Sean Mullen Kinesiology & Community Health

Wendy Rogers Kinesiology & Community Health

Shannon Mejía Kinesiology and Community Health

Brian Deal Landscape Architecture

Arden Rowell Law

Jay Kesan Law

Chilin Shih Linguistics

Roxana Girju Linguistics

George Francis Math

Lisa Stubbs MCB

Philip Best MCB

Rachel Whitaker MCB

Anita Chan Media & Cinema Studies

Bruce Schatz Medical Info. Science

Gary Olsen Microbiology

Heinrich Taube Music

Stephen Taylor Music

Anand Padmanabhan NCSA

Daniel Katz NCSA

Donna Cox NCSA

Felipe Menanteau NCSA

Keith Kelley Neuroscience

Kevin Hamilton New Media

Ryan Griffis New Media

Schuyler Korban NRES

Zahra Mohaghegh Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering

Yuan-Xiang Pan Nutritional Sciences

Amy Marshall-Colon Plant Biology

Surangi Punyasena Plant Biology

Scott Althaus Political Science

Wendy Cho Political Science

David Enstrom Prairie Research Institute

Cynthia Fisher Psychology

Daniel Simons Psychology

Dolores Albarracin Psychology

Gary Dell Psychology

Jaime Lane Derringer Psychology

John Hummel Psychology

Matt Browning Recreation, Sport & Tourism

Judith Pintar Slavic Languages

Dan Steward Sociology

David Hopping Sociology

Maya Israel Special Education

Bo Li Statistics

Dave Zhao Statistics

Douglas Simpson Statistics

Feng Liang Statistics

Jeff Douglas Statistics

Naveen Narisetty Statistics

Steven Culpepper Statistics

Xiaohui Chen Statistics

Yuguo Chen Statistics

Bev Wilson Urban & Regional Planning

Stacy Harwood Urban & Regional Planning

Marilyn O’Hara Ruiz VetMed
Name Email Research area

Aseel Addawood

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Karen Allen

Health and Medical Informatics

Mohammad Amanzadeh

Art and Cultural Informatics

James Balamuta

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Priscilla Boff Ferronato

Design, Technology and Society

John Capozzo

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Jarai Carter

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Usawadee Chaiprom


Ryan Chandler

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Si Chen

Spatial Informatics

Juan De La Rosa

Design, Technology and Society

Daniela Delgado Ramos

Design, Technology and Society

Gerry Derksen

Design, Technology and Society

Craig Evans

Design, Technology and Society

William Gillespie

Art and Cultural Informatics

Acton Gorton

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Claudia Grisales

Design, Technology and Society

Thierry Guigma

Health and Medical Informatics

Colleen Heinemann

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Hsiao-Ying Huang

Design, Technology and Society

Kelechi Ikegwu

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Ryan Ingebritsen

Art and Cultural Informatics and Design, Technology and Society

Donald Keefer

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Alexis Kim

Design, Technology and Society

Kangjae Lee

Health and Medical Informatics

Kyungho Lee

Art and Cultural Informatics

Chang Liu

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Yishuo Liu

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Bushra Minhas


Mark Moran

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Fizza Mughal


Siva Ratna Kumari Narisetti

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Santiago Nuñez-Corrales

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Justin Pence

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Monica Porteanu

Design, Technology and Society

Halie Rando


Nate Russell

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Janina Sarol

Cognitive Science and Language Processing and Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Cliff Shin

Design, Technology and Society

Brandi Smith

Health and Medical Informatics

Kuimars Soltani

Spatial Informatics

Yaguang Sun

Design, Technology and Society

Joseph Troy


Mikko Tuomela

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Sam Walkow

Data Analytics and Information Visualization and Design, Technology and Society

Daniel Wickland


Sean Wilner

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Bradley Woodruff

Data Analytics and Information Visualization

Xuesong Yang

Cognitive Science and Language Processing

Pan Zhang


Name Email Department

Arshan Nasir

Brent Fegley

Khuram Shahzad

Scott Nixon

Ankit Rai Informatics

Joe Yun Informatics

Michael Junokas Informatics

Syed Abbas Bukhari Informatics

Tom Le Paine Informatics

Yan Liu Informatics